An assembly of growing musicians, The Romerdome Familia is all about what a true collaboration represents. Stemming from an array of influences these wonderful souls came together under The Wise Oaks of Harmony Park, all in the name of MUSIC!

A handful of years ago, Wookiefoot came to Romie, and asked if he had any interest in taking on the OM Dome. The reaction was priceless and certainly unforeseen, and without hesitation Romie accepted. At this juncture, the team was created. Along side Romie, is Sammy Strings, Tyler Renney & Bryce Tuitt. All 4 members of the Familia take care and look after their dreams, via the medium of creativity. Since then, the Romerdome Familia has had the pleasure in hosting the people's stage at Harmony Park!

This move ignited a passion for homegrown music. Officially established, in the winter of 2015, the living room of the Romerdome has hosted local and traveling musicians. Over the course of the last five years, it has grown and expanded its footprint across the Minneapolis Metro area and Minnesota music festivals. Located in NE Minneapolis the Romerdome has become something we never imagined. Fluid expansion, growth and acting on our ideas without expectations; all in the name of music!

What is next for the Familia? As we embark and adapt to the ever changing music market, a new vision has sparked a new goal for us. 2020 is bringing to light the importance of collaboration.  It is our pleasure to announce our new partnership with Vicarious Visions & Get Down Enterprises, LLC. With this newly found partnership, we have envisioned a new home for the Romerdome stage, to continue to host homegrown music, as well as, our ever so growing: 'Silent Jamz'. 

Over the years, John Mehren and Vicarious Visions have made it a goal to help promote the local music scene to Minnesota and the world. John has worked together with local artists and fans to help preserve some of the most important moments in Minnesota’s festival music scene. In more recent years, Vicarious Visions has expanded to include live streams and studio production content to its promotional arsenal. Vicarious Visions is a proud member of Get Down Enterprises, creators of the Galactic Get Down Music Festival; where promoting local artists and musicians has always been their top priority.

Along side John & Vicarious Visions, are Smokin' Joe Scarpellino & Jess Seahorse Anderson. Together they represent the Get Down Enterprises (aka GDE). A boutique production company that functions as a co-op for it’s members and clients. They focus on throwing events, event promotion, band booking, band management, and tour management, and live streaming just to name a few. The goal is to curate, create, and promote a unique music scene in the Midwest, and the entire team is extraordinarily dedicated to creating the best musical experiences possible.  

Together, our goal is to raise $1,000 by April 30th, 2020. This money is going to be used to acquire the new home for the Romerdome Stage/s for all future events. This is our last step in being self sustainable and continue our collective dream in supporting Home Grown Music. It is at this juncture that we need YOU! Our Familia. Follow the tiers to see the cool stuff available for purchase. Help us continue our goal of supporting and curating Home Grown Music!

Thank you so very much for your love & support. Follow the links below to be connected with the Familia. Amór y Paz, Romie.