Supporting Cast

Vicarious Visions provides video archival services, preserving your most precious memories to share with those who matter the most.

MTN is a community media center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We offer classes and equipment so people can make media and the cable channels to get their message out to the community. MTN also has a strong commitment to Media Literacy and educating youth in media production. MTN is the people's TV station in Minneapolis. MTN is a non-profit organization. MTN is the public access station for the City of Minneapolis. We provide equipment, training, and media literacy services for all residents.

To promote positive musicians, innovative artists and sustainable communities.

Hey friends! I am Bryce Tuitt an audio engineer/music producer, lets record your music/audio at my home studio! Message me for more info! ...located in Saint Paul, MN. I offer Audio engineering, Recording, Mixing and Mastering services so lets work together to create the professional sound you are looking for. I have a drum kit as well as electric, acoustic and bass guitars that you can use. As a Music Producer, Musician & AAS degree in Music Production From McNally Smith College of Music, I will turn your songs into full production masterpieces. 

Dizzle Arts is produced by J.D. Hernandez aka DizZ . Influenced by various different art styles Dizz takes every day situations uses some imagination and takes it for a ride. Giving people,places, or things a vibrant twist of color.


 After moving to the midwest in 2011 DizZ was introduced to live painting and hasn't looked back since. Sharing , creative , collaborating. And most importantly making connections thru sharing live art. Upon doing so Dizz has had the honor of live painting for some very talented musicians such as Space Monster, Neon Giant, Wookiefoot,Satsang  Frogleg , Space Monkey Mafia, and Dead Larry . 


Sharing artwork is the mission.Creating  a colorful place for everyone to enjoy . 

Kava of The People is a dedicated provider of quality Hawaiian and Polynesian Kava (Piper methysicum) and Kava related products! Mahalo Aloha!

The Blue Rhythmic Monkey, Insanely Inspired by the Music, Performs LIVE Liquid Oil Light Shows Interpreting Music with Flowing Liquid Vibrations. And More!

Chelsey Krecklau, Reiki Practitioner, Women's Circle Creatrix and Yoga Instructor is based out of Minneapolis. She is known for her genuine heart, giving nature and passion for helping others.  Chelsey sees yoga as a way of life, not just for flexibility and fitness. Her classes have a gentle vinyasa flow, mixed with some yin and restorative poses. She aims to help the body release the tension it holds onto and keep the soul grounded. A beautiful way to prepare for the day! 


• Free flow, psychedelic, imaginary, abstract art.
• Mixed media

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