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An organic blend of hip-hop and psychedelia Lifted Mindz’ music speaks to a generation that is constantly in flux and looking for meaning. Members Eloda, Optimystic, Logoz the Kritick, and Wolphe are driven by one philosophy: that living to help others and spreading love can radically change the world we live in for the better.

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Sometimes blessings come disguised as roadblocks. Such is the case of More Music More Fami- ly, the new release from soulful singer-songwriter Cas Haley. The Texas-based artist was suc- cessfully recording, touring and building a fanbase when he was sidelined by an accident that hampered his ability to sing. The idea for More Music More Family came about during treatment, as Haley reflected on how to pursue his career in a way the included his family and better repre- sented his lifestyle.
Crowdfunded through a Pledge Music campaign and recorded over a month at Steelgrass Farm in Kauai, Hawaii, More Music More Family was co-produced and co-written by Andrew Terrett, aka Tubby Love. Its tracks address the universality of life lessons with positivity and uplifting melodies. The album borrows the best of Haley’s previous efforts, drawing on influences of reg- gae, soul, blues and rock. It captures an organic, live-record feeling with high-quality sound.
Featured artists on the album include Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Freewill (Luminaries) and Drew Misik (New Reb).
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Bass player of Medicine for the People.

Music that brings you the heart of Americana, the depth of the blues, a slap of funk, and all the feeling of soul, Divine AF, a multigenerational, LGBTQ, musical collective will take you on a journey. Every song is unique to the one before it and every performer brings a particularly unique brand of energy to the stage. Engaging, emotional and intriguing, Divine AF plays with you, rather than performs for you.

There is no doubt that musically speaking, the level of creativity shines bright on A Positive Light. Yet the main focus should be on the uplifting themes spread out throughout the record. As you work your way through, you come across tracks centered around topics like pacifism, feminism and self-righteousness. The meanings within the songs are deep and powerful, and Kuf Knotz does little to hide that fact. It’s taking the PMA attitude and giving it a new spin that reaches just as far outward as it does inward. For an album that was shrouded in trouble and negativity, it came to be just the right light at the end of the tunnel.

Psychedelic singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist from Oklahoma. Toured with Chase Makai of Nahko and Medicine for the People last fall. Currently helping record and doing keys on Chase Makai's solo debut album as well as playing several festivals w Chase and doing a summer tour together plus a few dates with Hope Medford.

What is THE GATHERING? The Gathering is a Community Co-Creative Expression Experience that brings people together, igniting the creative seed in every heart. Join Us. The Gathering. Juntos Somos Mas. Together we are More. Bienvenido al PUENTE. Welcome 2 THE BRIDGE.

Just a boy from Dayton, Ohio who made a covenant with his heart, when it speaks- he will listen, trust, and follow. Thank you for supporting this page! Follow for all musical updates.

Faye Adinda is a musical medicine musician,singer/songwriter & artist creating songs inspired by her journey of self discovery, faith, nature and love.

The name says i all. Let’s do this!

Ren Stone brings a fresh lyric based sound to folk n conscious roots music. 

Ren Stone AKA Rendra Freestone is the long standing force behind world music heavyweights Rhythm Hunters so stay attentive for some percussion n rhythmic twists in the otherwise soulful and optimistic sound-scape.

Rootz Within is a jam reggae band based in Minnesota & Hawaii. Their uplifting songs spread a positive message of consciousness & unity while inspiring audiences to make an impact in today's world.

Since becoming a full-time project in Feb 2016, they've played venues & festivals across 8 states (HI, OR, WA, ID, MT, ND, MN, & WI). Notable acts they have supported include reggae legend Alborosie, Jon Wayne & the Pain, Mike Love, auntie Paula Fuga, and Satsang. Their debut CD "Aloha Aina" released in June 2017.

Portland, Oregon is a city ripe with musicianship, talent and creativity. Despite all the city has to offer, Laryssa Birdseye effortlessly stands out as one of Portland's most captivating musical offerings. 

Self-described as a folk singer that accidentally began to write pop music, Laryssa uses humor and honesty to entrance her audience. After struggling with addiction for a decade, Laryssa’s songs reflect the turmoil of heartbreak, dependency, regret, and the persistent strive towards healing, making her originals relatable and her hooks infectious. Best known for her biting wit and clever lyricism, Laryssa stands out best as a songwriter, offering tremendously relatable content—often serving to inspire, often breaking your heart open as she spills hers. 

Laryssa has been active in Portland for the past two years, with notable performances at venues like the Doug Fir and Mississippi Studios, appearances on Portland Radio Project (99.1 FM) and has been featured on KGW’s Mic Check.

The Northern Medicine is an energetic jam/folk rockish bluegrassy band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that is sure to get your feet moving!

90 to Harmony is an alternative folk collective with roots in rock and roll and hip hop, based out of southern Wisconsin.

Confucisaurus, formerly known as The Bad Shine, is a rock n' roll band with fusions of blues, psychedelic, reggae, punk, metal, etc. from Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota.

Hey Dudes! I play guitar and bass. I use a loop station to record myself live on stage (Live Looping) so every show is unique. Come groove with me :)

Music. Travel. Family. Love.

Renneygade,(Tyler Renney), is a one man, multi-intsrumental, looping project. Bringing a full band sound, with no ties to any genre!

Its Tha Goop to tha City. Dope music collective. NUFF SAID!

Singer songwriter multi-instumentslist. I sing songs derived from my own personal experiences, and I also play violin. I write to cope with the weight of my own conscience.

After a long caccoon phase, I am so excited to be here and ready to share my art with you all! I am looking forward to bringing my music to your ears in the very near future. Please stay Neptuned in! Love and Light through all the lands and waters and the spaces in between!

Soulful melodies with hints of blues, funk, and psychedelia. Plentiful improv and thought provoking lyrics. Together they bring a unique sound coming from from a variety of musical backgrounds each putting their heARTS on the table.

I’m 16 year old percussive fingerstyle guitarist from Minneapolis, MN - currently based out of Northfield, MN. Active hug lover, festival goer, musical medicine maker. I have music released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and all other major outlets! I am the Vice President of the Northfield Union of Youth, the longest standing youth-made, youth-ran center in the country, fundraising through music which has always been part of the culture for the kids there.

So much has happened for me musically in the last year or two and I am endlessly thankful. Honored to share the journey with you! Blessings

A explosive and original blend of all genres. Inspired by a space deep in uplifting lyrics driven by compassion, peace and love of the human experience. Combining sounds of Ukulele, african and indian percussion, harmonium, bass, piano, and harmonized vocals, Ito brings a message of conscious unity through music. participating in a one tribe movement with peace and love behind the words and melodies.

Bringing you electronic music. I also hold unique events for our family and following. Stay postive and bring us those great vibrations.

I do a bit more than dabble in music. I revel pretty hard. I perform solo on vocals and guitar, singing my own tunes, and a sweet set of covers.

Music from the heart and soul to change the world.

A musical forcé, guided by the universe in order to promote love and consciousness thru out humanity

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