Season 5

Live from M.T.N. Studios

Celebrating our 5th year of Cultivating and Showcasing Home Grown Music! Partnering with Minneapolis Television Network & Vicarious Visions this year! Shall be exciting! 

What can you expect from The Romerdome Familia this year? Remember MTV Unplugged or VH1 Face The Music?! We are going to recreate the intimacy between the Artist and Fan! Come prepared to be IN IT! ;)

Season 5 Premier is on Nov 2nd. Show time: 3:30 to 5 PM. Free event (Suggested donation of $10)

Live Music. Live Art. Live Vibes. Live TV!

You are welcome to join us Live at The Minneapolis Television Network studios, or tune into Comcast Local Channel 17!! Address: 820 18th Ave NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

And of course, as always, the show will be powered by Vicarious Visions, and will be live streamed for your enjoyment!

See you this Season Familia!
Amór y Paz,
The Romerdome Familia

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We are honored to feature the amazing Dacota Muckey! A young, all-in-one kind of artist. He has been said to burn every bit of himself up on stage. His passion and desire to move forward with his music is evident both on stage and off. Dacota is a full time musician in his early twenties and his music has taken him to music festivals, bars, colleges and more all over the Midwest and especially in his home state of Indiana. Playing all of these live shows and recording several full length albums of original material both with his band and solo have brought him extensive recognition over a short time as a musician with a pure passion to pour his entire life and all he has into his craft. His music is a new-age folk, rock, jam band style and his use of a loop pedal creates a seemingly full band.

We are honored to feature Runaway Ricochet - (a band that plays music. More specifically we play ska/punk music. It’s like punk rock with horns, and upbeats. Lots of upbeats.) & Pick it up Pete - (Ska, Folk, Punk with a down home feel!)

We are honored to feature The Foxgloves. By mixing classical, folk, country, and Americana, The Foxgloves are using stringed instruments paired with rich vocal harmonies to deliver an ethereal yet approachable take on standards from the American song book and personal stories of love and heartache.

We are honored to feature The Moonlight Community! Alternative Indie Rock band and collection of creators with the mentality of genre fluidity, TMC’S masterful compositions, alluring lyrical melodies, powerful harmonies and positive message combine to bring a truly unique sound to the industry. A band with a powerful message portrayed through lyrical melodies, complementary harmonies, and emotional connections. On a mission to change the world by bringing people together in love and inclusion through the heart in our music and the culture we build of love, inspiration, and caring for others.

We are honored to feature High Rise. An Alternative/Reggae/Funk from the Black Hills of So. Dak.

The Arcanes (Season Finale April 25th)

Just some funky, weird dudes making some funky noises.

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