OM Dome P.E. 2019

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I am an activist, artist, & Lyracist striving to bring EMPOWERING words to the people. I Rap, sing, beatbox, & play the ukulele with a variety of musicians. I've been traveling almost a decade sharing my conscious flowetry with the world.

Sometimes blessings come disguised as roadblocks. Such is the case of More Music More Fami- ly, the new release from soulful singer-songwriter Cas Haley. The Texas-based artist was suc- cessfully recording, touring and building a fanbase when he was sidelined by an accident that hampered his ability to sing. The idea for More Music More Family came about during treatment, as Haley reflected on how to pursue his career in a way the included his family and better repre- sented his lifestyle.
Crowdfunded through a Pledge Music campaign and recorded over a month at Steelgrass Farm in Kauai, Hawaii, More Music More Family was co-produced and co-written by Andrew Terrett, aka Tubby Love. Its tracks address the universality of life lessons with positivity and uplifting melodies. The album borrows the best of Haley’s previous efforts, drawing on influences of reg- gae, soul, blues and rock. It captures an organic, live-record feeling with high-quality sound.
Featured artists on the album include Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Freewill (Luminaries) and Drew Misik (New Reb).
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Lead guitar of Medicine for the People. 

When Christina Holmes sings, walls, barriers, and boundaries disappear. Finding a sweet spot in the middle of acoustic, folk, reggae, rock, and pop music, she represents the same values and vision on stage and off. “I’m always just very honest and real,” she exclaims. “We’re all human. I allow listeners into my life by going deeper. I’m not afraid to show my vulnerable side. I have a message. I’ve gained so much confidence through music, and I hope I can inspire others to chase their dreams too.” Between regular open mics around Rhode Island and dive bar gigs in New York City, she linked up with the charity Musicians On Call and performed for countless bedridden hospital patients. 2012 saw her take the stage for the world famous “Amateur Night” at the Apollo and leave with a standing ovation. In 2014, she released her full-length debut Peace, Love, & C. Holmes and joined Trevor Hall for a sold-out North American tour over the course of 2015. Launching her own label Cove House in 2017, she dove headfirst into her sophomore effort with producer Warren Huart [Colbie Caillat, James Blunt]. After only two-and-a-half weeks in a Los Angeles studio, she emerged with Stand Up. For the first time, a studio recording captured the prowess of the vocalist’s powerhouse presence on stage. The album was introduced via marathon of touring alongside the likes of Hall, Xavier Rudd, and Nahko & Medicine for the People. Her live energy shines through the 2018 single “Bring The People Together.” Driven by lithe acoustic guitar and simmering reggae grooves, it presents a concrete mission statement loud and clear. From the plaintive lyrical poetry and wind-swept soul of “Let My Music Free Your Soul” to the clarion call of “Stand Up,” her voice resounds with power and passion. However, the final track “Always” tugs at the heartstrings the most. Written after the passing of her dad David Holmes, Sr., it incorporates the last voicemail he left Christina. In the end, Christina has only just begun to bring people together. “When you hear my records or see me live, I want you to feel something, whether it’s happy or sad,” she leaves off. “I’d love for you to let go of anything that’s holding you back. Music did that for me.”

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bryan Drewyor performs with a variety of different acoustic instruments in a rustic and soulful one "human" band. Traveling around the country on foot, boat, and bicycle, this performer brings an ecological approach to his touring and a humanitarian method to his songwriting. Blending the macrocosmic and microcosmic patterns with sound and emotion, this artist both physically and spiritually explores the world and expresses the information through emotion and melodies. 

"One Human Band is an outpouring of love and gifted musicianship that is inspired, lasting and true. His original songs are heartfelt, timeless and resonate, shining a light where light is needed."

Some Friends was started on a hot summer day with two friends sitting on a couch in a stanky apartment. "why aren't we playing music that makes us happy, that makes everyone happy" this thought led these two friends on a quest. a Journey to write and perform the music they have been waiting years to play. the music they were MEANT to play. come out and hang out with Some Friends

What is THE GATHERING? The Gathering is a Community Co-Creative Expression Experience that brings people together, igniting the creative seed in every heart. Join Us. The Gathering.

Wind Song is a recording artist & sound healer from Dallas, Tx. She shares her passion with the world as a way to inspire others to go within themselves & actualize their Sacred Dream. In 2015 Wind Song launched a non-profit project called JUMPSTART, a volunteer-based collaboration which introduces music, meditation & expressive arts to homeless children living DFW. Weaving performance & activism, she aims to make a difference in her community through fundraising and service to others~ Join the movement today @!

90 to Harmony is an alternative folk collective with roots in rock and roll and hip hop, based out of southern Wisconsin.

Faye Adinda is a musical medicine musician,singer/songwriter & artist creating songs inspired by her journey of self discovery, faith, nature and love.

After a long caccoon phase, I am so excited to be here and ready to share my art with you all! I am looking forward to bringing my music to your ears in the very near future. Please stay Neptuned in! Love and Light through all the lands and waters and the spaces in between!

The Moonlight Community is an ensemble that originated in St. Cloud, Minnesota. In August of 2017, they began with a mission to bring humanity and compassion to their fans, through music with perspective, love, and hope. TMC went right to work by recording their debut album The Gateway at Hammond Media Production Studios with John Hammond. Once the recording process was finished, the band started playing shows across Minnesota and Wisconsin promoting the album and quickly became “Minneapolis/St. Paul's #1 Alternative Band” – Reverbnation. 

Since the release of The Gateway, The Moonlight Community returned to Hammond Media Productions to record their summer-hit single Minnesota Nice, followed by a video shoot with Joshua J.W. at Poplar Productions. The video reached 33K views over the summer. “A call to the Northland? Tourist season invitation? Minnesota Nice.” – Ed Newman, 

“From first listen, The Moonlight Community is not my average go-to; however, they are giving me a taste of something I wouldn't normally turn to, and I am warming up to them. . . I can picture jamming out to (their music) on the beach, or while I get ready for work, driving in the car, or looking dreamily into someone's eyes - as the rhythm takes control . . .” – Ram Mar, Native American Journalists Association, Duluth.

Very excited to meet you and bring some heart conscious Hip-Hop your way!!!

I’m 16 year old percussive fingerstyle guitarist from Minneapolis, MN - currently based out of Northfield, MN. Active hug lover, festival goer, musical medicine maker. I have music released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and all other major outlets! I am the Vice President of the Northfield Union of Youth, the longest standing youth-made, youth-ran center in the country, fundraising through music which has always been part of the culture for the kids there.

So much has happened for me musically in the last year or two and I am endlessly thankful. Honored to share the journey with you! Blessings

Portland, Oregon is a city ripe with musicianship, talent and creativity. Despite all the city has to offer, Laryssa Birdseye effortlessly stands out as one of Portland's most captivating musical offerings. 

Self-described as a folk singer that accidentally began to write pop music, Laryssa uses humor and honesty to entrance her audience. After struggling with addiction for a decade, Laryssa’s songs reflect the turmoil of heartbreak, dependency, regret, and the persistent strive towards healing, making her originals relatable and her hooks infectious. Best known for her biting wit and clever lyricism, Laryssa stands out best as a songwriter, offering tremendously relatable content—often serving to inspire, often breaking your heart open as she spills hers. 

Laryssa has been active in Portland for the past two years, with notable performances at venues like the Doug Fir and Mississippi Studios, appearances on Portland Radio Project (99.1 FM) and has been featured on KGW’s Mic Check.

Conor & The Wild Hunt is a Progressive Indie-Folk band intent on inspiring positive change in a troubled world. Artful and driving instrumentation, impassioned duets, blooming four part harmonies, and a compelling stage presence.

AnOmen, the musical guise of Damian Shreve performs omni genre electronic music, blending elements of bass styles, psytrance, downtempo, and breakbeat with organic sounds and instrumentation. His unique sets enable the listener to tap into a subconscious collection of sacred knowledge and ancient rhythms guiding them through a soundscape intended to kindle the spirit as well as move the body.
AnOmen has recently taken root in the wild mountains of The Ozarks after spending several years in South Florida and Louisiana, spreading his auditory blessings at festivals and other events in cities like New Orleans and Miami.

Music from the heart about the human spirit. A soulful blend of jazz, Americana, folk and old country, journeying into a sound all her own.

Bringing you electronic music. I also hold unique events for our family and following. Stay postive and bring us those great vibrations.

Dream Of The Wild is defining a new sound in Minneapolis . Independent something something.

Ariel Bartolo Kira is coming  back home with my new guitarist this year! :D Much love, xoxo <3

Music, Music, Music, Music. Oh yeah and every once in awhile we like to indulge in a little Music! Giving back to our veterans. If you enjoy freedom, Thank a Vet! Support Music as a Form of Therapy in VA Hospitals! We love supporting communities and making the world a better place!

Hey Dudes! I play guitar and bass. I use a loop station to record myself live on stage (Live Looping) so every show is unique. Come groove with me :)

Jeffrey James’ distinctive folk sound draws on experiences from Hawaiian Islands, the Wild West, and cobblestone streets in Europe. After two years on the road, James collaborated with multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, Russick Smith. James & Smith recorded The Jeffrey James Show’s fifth album, Everywhere, featuring Tim Snider & Max Ribner of Medicine for the People. Everywhere’s genre-blending style weaves world, folk, reggae, and slide guitar. In June 2018, James will venture out on a six month world tour.

Music is the expression of raw emotions beautifully woven to soothe your soul. 

Singer songwriter from Minnesota spreading loving energy through music. Balancing light and dark for a sound all can enjoy. Also plays violin and mandolin.

I do a bit more than dabble in music. I revel pretty hard. I perform solo on vocals and guitar, singing my own tunes, and a sweet set of covers.

Peaceful Poet. Suave Musician. Soulful Vocalist.

HannaH*s Field brings love, spirit, and organic fresh flavor to the people with their "modern hippie Rasta folk".

Ahna Schoenhoff is an accomplished singer/songwriter based out of St. Louis, MO who has been touring and performing in the United States with various acts since 2011. Ahna's soulful/sultry voice is reminiscent of Janis Joplin which pairs harmoniously with their progressive rhythm acoustic guitar stylings. Ahna performs a wide range of genres including Folk, Funk, Blues, Rock, and Reggae. 

I'm a newer multi "musicianst" acoustic/singer/songwriter currently living outside Chicago in the NW burbs. My genre of music ranges from Blues, Indie, Soul, Reggae, Folk, Rock, Jam fusion. My set would consist of mainly originals and a handful of covers, as i like to keep the songs organic and my own. If I’m not with the full band “Prevalent Nature” Id just be bringing with me my loop pedal and other instruments offering a surplus of sounds and harmony with vocals. Like i said I'm newer to the scene of performing, so the amount of shows i have played are few with future gigs lined up. And with your interests it will help me build my list of experience performing. I've played a handful of shows/open mics in CO at Vision Quest Brewery and other events held in Denver also a handful of gigs in Chicago/Northwest burbs. Ive also played a few festivals, one being beautiful experience of many talented artists called Shangri La in Minnesota. I would love to bring my acoustic sounds, vocals, looping vibes and or full band to your stage. I feel id be a great fit for your venue because of what i have to sing/say is real and from the soul, something that many could relate to, especially when given the opportunity to beheard. Wether it be a simple chord strummed, or a verse sang. I have branched off into a full band recently to bring a fuller sound, of bass, electric guitar, and a full drum kit. Grateful to have these extremely talented artist from other bands like, The Coop, Zombie Mañana and Frequilibrium. With all of us collaborating on ideas of musical medicine we give off a conscious Jazz fusion Jam sound. With some supporters saying we have a similar sound as Twiddle, Trevor Hall, Dispatch, Nahko, Rebelution, etc…. 

Approximately 22 years ago a grapefruit fell down from a tree, split open and out walked a Shaggy Mutt named Jed

Funkadelic blues rock guitarist Greg Boyer,invites you to listen to his new cd Paradigm Shift ! Recorded using a multi instrument looper set up,its a sonic experience that will alter your reality!

You are a feather on a branch waiting for a breeze

Penn Johnson channels and projects stories through song – unlike any artist of our time. His sound is of a genre yet-to-be defined, but his true-to-life lyrics, acoustic melodies, wind-sung strumming, harmonic rhythms, and passionate (uni-)verses, echo an era that once collected the masses. Some call it folk – other simply recognize that the music flowing through him inspires dancing, conscious thought, and healing connection. A Massachusetts native, Penn has traveled the country solo for the majority of his young adult life playing wherever and to whomever he has been called. His first memoir Trail Mix & Goon: Adventures Abroad in Oz was published at the age of 26. His debut studio single Burn a Little Sage was released independently on the full moon in Taurus on October 24th, 2018. Loyal Patreon support will bring a full 2019 tour and a full-length debut record.

I’m looking forward to attending my first Project Earth festival this year! Shangri-La was amazing last year. My music is about remembering that Love is at our core, reclaiming our innocence, and knowing we are divinely supported. It’s about unity and equality, the beauty of life and shining our light in the darkness. Would love the opportunity to share this message at Project Earth and Shang this year. Thank you and many blessings!

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