An assembly of growing musicians, The Romerdome Familia represents what a true collaboration is all about. Stemming from an array of influences including; (Caribbean, Classical, African, Reggae, Rock, Blues, Folk, Americana, Hip Hop and everything in between...), these wonderful souls came together under The Wise Oaks of Harmony Park, all in the name of MUSIC!

A handful of years ago, Uncle Jo Jo came to Romie, and asked; "Hey, any interest in taking on the OM Dome for us?"  WOW! The reaction was priceless and certainly unforeseen.  I said, without hesitation; "It will be an honor!" Since then, we've had the pleasure in hosting the people's stage, at Harmony Park! 

Man. This life I tell ya. :)


I grew up playing video games. from the atari all the way to playstations, xbox, nintendo, etc. All that time, I kept hearing, "Ricardo! Stop playing games and do something productive...(In Spanish of course)" hehehe, funny. I caught myself saying this to Yaya to...and checked myself...Playing games taught me about patterns, design, marketing, development, brainstorming ideas and possibilities, discussion, direction, understanding the objective, how to achieve it, how code is structured, and how it runs. Finding bugs and eventually learning how to fix them.


I have been blessed to learn on the go. Going to Iraq was so shitty at the time, and now I understand why I feel I had to be there...Today I get to do what it taught me, aside from the status quo. It enhanced this knowledge by providing a copious amount of technology for me to learn and assist in its improvements, while helping the community and staying alive.


Reflecting on all those years. I helped develop GPS with the introduction of Android 1 smart phone, RIM, Sonim, mIDP, iOS, Brew, Web and mobile inventory management. Website development, QA (Web & Mobile), automation testing, Marketing development, a bit of Java, HTML...Self taught. All cause I played video games. The technology war provided. A path from A to B, for big and small companies, and within my community.


Today, I try not to see the pattern to the outcome, but how the outcome is perceived. Based on that feeling, I get to develop. This feels so good!! Romerdome Familia, The Galactic Get Down Music Festival 2019, both websites that represent this upbringing. Mix all that with music? Shoohoots. Lets go!!

Cultivating and supporting home grown music. Welcome HOME!

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